Watford Gymnastics Club

The best hour of their week

holiday sessions

the next will be October 2019

Monday 28 Oct - Friday 01 Nov


£20 per day

£90 per week


1000 - 1400

Autumn Holiday


Booking Open


Monday 28 Oct - Friday 01 nov

what to expect

This session is for members and non-members alike. The session is for children in reception and above.


Due to the extra amount of time we have to spend on each apparatus, These sessions are an ideal oppotunity to improve on the skills they are learning and even learn new ones. These sessions can be the equivilant to 3 weeks of sessions in one!


The games we play are well known games that have been modified to encorporate gymnastics. Most of the games we play have a strong focus on team work and communication, concentrating on the effort and participation. however Thoughout the day we do play games that will have team and individual winners.

free play

As many people are aware most lessons are learnt through play. This gives the children time to use their imagination in a safe and controlled enviroment. The children can also use this time to focus on something they may have beeen close to achieveing in their session.


bring a light lunch

bring a water bottle

wear comfortable sports clothing

be ready to have fun


wear denim
wear Jewellery
wear zips
wear hoods
wear anything too loose
wear socks or tights